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Health Hack with @amysfitnessandnutrition

As quickly as we locked down, we’re back on the journey to normality. Most of you will be desperate to escape the house and get back to the rat race. A few of you are actually slightly mourning the return to real life and the busyness of normality.

Lockdown made me realise a few things. I’d been getting up at 6am, coffeeing, gyming, officing, meeting, … by rushing from place to place.

So, as a self-confessed Duracell bunny here are a few tips that I think we can take from lockdown and try and incorporate into ‘real’ life.

Waking Up Without An Alarm

Not a luxury everyone can afford, but I am going to try at least once a week (on a weekday). Waking up without a jolt m can do wonders for your stress hormones.

Home Cooking

I am very keen to get out and #supportlocal – possibly more than most. But we ate out a lot. Preparing food at home is your most valuable asset for disease prevention. The more you cook at home, the less sugar you eat and the less likely you are to develop obesity and type 2 diabetes. Rather than going out, out of pure laziness, pick a place you love and make the most of it when you do go out.

Exercising In Nature

I’m a gym bunny. But as Spring kicks in, I’ve also reminded myself of the benefits of getting outdoors. Could you switch up one workout a week for a hike, bike, run or walk?

More Time With Family

Spending days out at meetings, coming home and getting back on the laptop. It is often necessary to keep business ticking along. But in Scott’s words that echo the Greek word “Avrio” - “there is always tomorrow”. Time is the last true luxury. Try and stress less about deadlines. Try and focus on the moment and what really matters.

How are you feeling about returning to Level 2?

Are there elements of lockdown that you want to try and carry through to ‘real life’? Let me know in the comments or drop me a message.

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