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Health Hack with amysfitnessandnutrition

From what I am witnessing the current pandemic of uncertainty, confusion and mental illness has gone way beyond our expanding waistlines.

Did you gain weight during lockdown? What about since we’ve got back to ‘normal’? And now as omicron ventures ever nearer to everyone we know - how are you getting on? Recent studies show that over 40% of US adults were unhappy with their weight gain during the pandemic. And from what I can tell a hell of a lot more people are suffering in other ways.

It’s no surprise that regardless of your demographics, location, career path the ongoing pandemic is affecting us all.

But sadly, the groups more likely to already be obese, unwell and be negatively affected by lack of available healthy food are those also struggling the most with the social and economic impacts of the pandemic. These groups are more likely to have been negatively affected by the pandemic in terms of loss of income and the related stress. The perfect storm.

No matter where you are in your health, fitness, or COVID management/acceptance journey here are a few tips and some food for thought.

Remember What’s Important Beyond your job, business, house which for many are uncertain right now

- Your body is the one place you have to live, it is always worth looking after. This can be a grounding place to start when it comes to feeling better about the current situation.

Keep Moving

- When you’re feeling stressed, tired, uncertain or worst of all sick with a cold or flu it can seem like the last thing you want to do. But it’s crucial. For mental health if not anything else. Try and get outdoors and walk at the very least.

Choose Well

- Keep a check on what food you put in your body in moments of stress. Fast and processed food might seem like the easy option at the time but can negatively affect both your body and mood. Hit the kitchen and prepare something you love.

Keep Being Kind

- The current climate is stressful and uncertain. There is temptation to blame everything we can’t control on those around us. Don’t be that person. It won’t help you feel good in the long run.

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