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$6 Iceberg Lettuce Anyone?

Wow, how the world is changing by the day. Our food prices and food security is changing by the day. The most affected? The 'healthy' stuff.

Our Biggest Food Price Rise In A Decade...

In case you thought I was making it up food prices rose 17% versus the same month last year according to a recent article by RNZ. Tomatoes, broccoli & iceberg lettuce are the biggest hit. Fruit and veg have been hit hardest overall, which means processed and packaged foods are about to start looking even more appealing.

It’s not a real issue, is it? Possible not, but it could certainly change our buying habits (and thus overall health).

Focusing On The Positives Economics aside, I don’t reckon there has ever been a better time to try and focus on eating both locally and seasonally. We’re incredibly lucky to have the climate we live in and if we try, just a little bit I think we can probably do better than we are at the moment.

Where To Start? - Start a veggie patch or herb garden – yes I know it’s the wrong time of year, but you would be surprised at what still grows

- Support local producers where possible – we’re on the same latitude as Italy and Southern France – our herb game is off the charts, and our fruit isn’t bad either. If you can’t grow your own, buy local.

- Consider where your meat comes from - Talk to the local butcher, ask friends about meat and eggs from their farms… or even better - Get out there, go hunting and fishing.

- Make the most of our incredible stone fruit whilst you can, and even consider stewing some fruit to enjoy in the winter.

These all sound like really painfully basic suggestions, but these somewhat old school ideals could actually help both your waistline and wallet.

Will you give it a go?

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