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Hump Day Health Hack with @amysfitnessandnutrition

It’s the start of July!

Which means we’re officially halfway through the year. It’s around now you might start to think ahead to the fact that Christmas and 2022 is less than 6 months away. You might even be thinking back to the intentions that you set at the start of 2021. How did they go? If you’ve struggled to stick to making changes that you had planned, you might be missing one of the 3 R’s. Helpful individually and powerful together these elements can help us to build the kind of lifestyle we aspire to.

Let’s take a deeper look.


Part of crafting a balance in life is building a rhythm that you love and enjoy. If we let life control our rhythm we get thrown all out of whack by the pressures of the world. Setting your own rhythm and crafting a daily and weekly rhythm that works for you can be a powerful exercise. It may seem selfish at the time but if we carve out time for the things we enjoy – it could be a walk with friends, the gym, pilates – a cheeky wine with a friend – we are more likely to turn up better for those around us.


It doesn’t sound sexy, and I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of routine (change can be as good as a holiday, right?) But with a lot of the world still reeling from the 2020 hangover there is certainly a place for some semblance of order. A routine that works for you can help to ease anxiety and allow you to feel in control. Be it your favourite gym class, family meals together or even visiting your favourite coffee shop where they know your name and your order.


A good tip for sticking to your intended rhythm and routine? Build in rewards - like a post workout coffee with friends, new activewear if you stick to a planned workout routine for a full week, or a weekend away after a long week at work. Rewards encourage repetition, naturally building a rhythm that you will actively enjoy.

A Little Insight Into Mine

Luke Combs lyrics about her day starting with a coffee and ending with a wine could be a little too accurate where I’m concerned…anyone else?

- Coffee – Can’t Be Beaten

- A Workout – Of some form – gym, a run, walk, hike…or skiing anyone?

- Good Food – Eggs for breakfast, pretty much every day

- Work I Love – With regular breaks

- Walking – With a friend or the dog

- Wine – Not every day…but it sure goes down well.

What’s Your Daily Rhythm?

- What Could You Build Into Your Daily or Weekly Routine?

- Do You Reward Yourself To Build Good Habits?

- What Would Your 2022 Self Thank You For Starting Now?

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