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Some No B*******t Nutrition Advice In Time For Summer

A juice cleanse, a low fat diet, a keto diet, maybe vegetarian or even vegan? Perhaps joining a new gym, trying the latest elastic band workout or buying the latest supplement will be the magic pill you need. There is so much noise out there in the fitness and ‘diet’ industry with people trying to sell one size fits all nutrition solutions to people who are puzzled and know no better.

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Reading “Not A Diet Book” by James Smith has got me really thinking about how much advice there is floating around. I don’t like to be too cynical honestly believe amongst the money makers there are a lot of people really trying to help. But in case you’re sick of trying the latest fad, here are a few key things to remember.

Photo Credit - Julia Gray Photography

- Losing weight shouldn’t have to cost you money. There is a hell of a lot of free advice out there coupled with eating more whole foods which generally cost less than flash brands trying to sell you healthy food.

- When you look for advice ask yourself whether you’re following or learning. Coming from someone who builds nutrition plans you shouldn’t have to spend money on this long term…once I give you the tools I am really just here for accountability. Teaching you to fish not giving you the fish. Some need longer than others but if you need to keep paying me forever I’ve failed…

Photo Credit - Julia Gray Photography

- Losing weight or getting healthier shouldn’t have to mean putting more in - and by that I mean supplements. Downing whey protein, fat loss supplements and more when you’re still eating the equivalent of a bowl of ice cream for breakfast isn’t going to work in the way you want it to.

Photo Credit - Julia Gray Photography

At the end of the day education and learning what your body likes and what it doesn’t is key. Generally combined with moving as much as feels good.

Have you tried a ‘branded’ diet or something new recently? Has it worked for you or has it not? I’d love to know.

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