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Myth-Busting Meat

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We Ask The Butcher

Meet Luke – the local Butcher at New World in Cromwell. We recently had a chat about all the misconceptions he hears on a daily basis. We discussed how many people seemed concerned about eating meat these days. With a lot of terrible stories coming out of the US about feed lot cattle and the environment, it’s important to remember that we are in a very different part of the world. I personally think meat is a pretty crucial part of a healthy diet for most of us. It’s delicious, nutritious, and full of health benefits. To do some myth-busting I’ve asked Luke a few questions about New Zealand meat - where it comes from and more…

Do you think meat is healthy & why?

Yes. Lots of health benefits. Red meat is high in protein, iron, zinc, and B Vitamins. Chicken is also high in protein, zinc, iron, and selenium. Skinless chicken breast is one of the leanest meats available and it all comes from NZ.

What are common misconceptions you hear from people?

Lots. Red meat causes cancer, chicken is pumped full of water, supermarket meat is not as fresh as butcher shop meat/ marinated meat is old meat, NZ’s best meat is all sent overseas – it isn’t true.

Can people buy grass-fed meat at New World?

Is it all grass-fed?

Is that a request you get often?

YES! We get this question all the time - NZ Beef and Lamb is grass-fed.

You guys know exactly where our meat comes from - we just have to ask?

All fresh (unprocessed) meat sold in New World is 100% NZ. We know the suppliers.

Chicken - not as bad as people think?

Chicken producers in NZ must adhere to strict animal welfare standards as well high very high food safety standards so customers can be sure all chicken raised in NZ is the best around.

All chicken brands in NZ have their own branded free-range chicken, this is a great alternative and also a really completive price.

What’s your favourite dinner?

Has to be a dry-aged rump steak (medium rare)! A couple of fried eggs, onions, and fries!

Your favourite supplier and why?

No favourite supplier. All do a great job within their respectable industries; all are innovative with ideas and have a high drive to promote NZ-grown meat/produce.

Have you had any funny questions from people?

Where can I find vegetarian sausages?

Have sales of meat gone down with more people trying to go 'plant-based'?

no, plant-based meat makes up 0.03% of protein sales in NZ

A Final Word?

Quite often customers are unaware that we have qualified butchers in store and since the store has been open (24 years) we have trained over 9 apprentices so far!

That’s the lowdown on supermarket meat from the expert.

What do you think?

Will this change your meat-eating habits?

Will you ask your butcher?

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