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Health Hack with @amysfitnessandnutrition

It’s what you eat that matters right, not the quantity? I’ve talked a fair bit about portion sizes but most people wouldn’t think about this picking up a piece of fruit.

Unfortunately, when it comes to food in general and also fruit, portion size and overall quantity, really does matter.

Photo Credit - Julia Gray Photography

Over the years our fruits and veggies have been bred to be the largest most luscious looking fruit possible - it makes commercial sense. The biggest, roundest, best looking fruit is the one that most people would pick.

But you only have to pick an apple off a wild tree to notice they’re a bit different to some of the ones at the supermarket.

👍To clarify 👍 - Eating fruit is not bad - Please keep doing it - And keep buying local - we have some amazing fruit around us!

But does it make sense to be mindful of the size of the pieces of fruit you consume if you’re on a health mission? Absolutely.

🍌Bananas🍌 Can vary between around 50kcal (15g sugar) in a small unripe banana through to over 150kcal (30g or 8 Tsp) of natural carbohydrates and sugar in a large one

🍏Apples are apples?🍏 Check out the photo…Not really. Older (generally much smaller) varieties tend to be tastier, contain less sugar and more nutrients.

Photo Credit - Julia Gray Photography

🤔Don’t believe me?🤔 What do you think would happen if Alex and I chose either the small or large fruit each? And we each ate 3 pieces a day. For a week. Based on the delicious looking fruit in our photos one of us would be eating 50-70% more calories and also sugar.

Food for thought?

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