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Picture this scenario:

You’ve just walked into the gym, and you’ve been presented with numerous people you don’t know, machines you can’t use, and an environment you don’t know how to navigate.

It’s overwhelming, right?

The truth is, getting started with the gym can be challenging, and feeling anxious is perfectly normal. Luckily for us, there are simple things we can do to overcome our fears.

1. Do Something Familiar

An excellent way to eradicate your anxiety is to do something familiar. For example, start with a simple warm-up routine you’ve used in the past. Then, move to some bodyweight movements like squats and push-ups. After that, hop on a familiar cardio machine, such as a treadmill, and do a few minutes of walking.

Your first sessions don’t have to be logical or effective. Their job is to help you overcome your fears and become more comfortable in a gym environment.

2. Go In There With a Friend

Hitting the gym with a friend is a severely underrated tactic to feel more at ease and melt the anxiety. Having an exercise buddy is also a great way to stay consistent because you know that someone expects you to show up each time. That way, you can support one another when one of you feels lazy or unmotivated to hit the gym.

3. Understand These Simple Truths

Here are three things to remember when you feel anxious:

  1. Everyone else is just as anxious as you are. We are social creatures and carry an innate need to belong and be liked by others.

  2. Most people are focused on themselves and not on you. Everyone is at the gym to better themselves, and we all feel self-conscious of what others think of us.

  3. Those who notice you will applaud you for your effort because everyone remembers how terrifying the first days at the gym can be.

Are you feeling anxious but interested in trying the gym? Get in touch and ask about our 7 day trial (only available in Cromwell & Picton).

CROMWELL: Learn more

PICTON: Learn more

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