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Like any other public place, the gym comes with a set of written rules visitors need to follow. Those are simple enough.

But have you ever wondered about the unwritten rules? In other words, what are some rules you should follow to appear experienced and save yourself some nasty looks from others?

It can be tricky navigating your way around a new gym space. We want to help you out, so let’s review.

1. Ask Before Using

One of the most important things to remember for public gym training is to ask before taking equipment that’s not in its place. For example, if there is a pair of dumbbells on the floor, ask if they are free first.

2. Clean Up After Yourself

Getting sweaty at the gym is normal and nothing to be ashamed about, in fact, it is something you should be proud of. But don’t forget to clean up the sweat after using the equipment. Most gym's will have spray and wipes available for you to use.

3. Re-Rack Your Equipment

There is nothing more infuriating than taking weights, using them, and leaving them for someone else to re-rack. So, always return equipment to its place after use to keep the gym orderly.

4. Be Respectful

The gym is a place for self-improvement. Everyone is there to better themselves in some capacity, and all gym members are worthy of respect. Show respect to others to win admiration, make friends, and contribute to a healthy training environment.

5. Don’t Block Mirrors

The primary purpose of gym mirrors is for trainees to look at themselves as they train. Doing so can improve training form, make exercises more effective, and reduce the risk of injuries. So, if you find that someone is using the mirror, don’t stand in front of them.

6. Don’t Hog Equipment

Here’s a simple rule to keep in mind:

Pick one activity you’ll be doing, get equipment for it, and stick with that until you’re finished. Too many people make the mistake of taking several types of equipment to perform a complicated circuit and prevent others from having a good workout.

7. Use only the space you need

Often people assume they need a huge area to complete their workout or circuit but in reality, you really don't need a lot of space. Consider others and only take up the space you need.

If you are unsure or have any questions, ask a trainer, one of the staff or a fellow gym member. remember that all gym's are different but generally follow a similar set of unwritten rules. Don't be afraid to ask, no question is a silly one.

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