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Updated: Dec 14, 2023

There is so much advice out there about how to tackle the holiday season stress-free and guilt-free.

Have a question? Throw it in Google and you are bound to get an answer, probably many and if you search long enough you will likely find the answer you want.

Like most things, there are many "ways to skin a cat". It is not often you find one idea or piece of advice that suits everyone. So, we asked some of the crew at Central Fitness what their best piece of advice was for their members, clients, friends, family and readers.

Consider this article your Google search engine, keep reading and you are bound to find some advice that will suit you.

Lorey's Advice

Sometimes it's hard to remember that alot of us have been waiting for the Christmas period all year, it's supposed to be a time of relaxation, family time, food and a couple of cheeky beverages so please remember be in the moment, take your time and enjoy the time you have worked so hard for

Oh and look out for the people around you

David's Advice

"Training is all about your mindset throughout the year much like the holiday season. So during this holiday season don’t be afraid to have a cheat day, spend time with family / friends and enjoy that good food you know you want.

"Just remember that’s no excuse to not train and continue to stay on track with your goals!

"If you’re struggling to find that balance I’m here to help and just one message away"

Jonny's Advice

"This is your time to chill. Ironically, a lot of us get stressed out at holiday time. So, lock this in your head. It's chill time baby!

Running late for a get together, someone cuts you off while driving, burnt the Christmas turkey... meh! It doesn't matter. What does matter is that you make some time for your friends, your family, and yourself.

We are very lucky to have what we have. So deep breath, take it all in, and chill.

Shane & Megan's Advice

"Remember when you want to make a change in your behaviour for the new year, stick to these 4 simple building blocks

  1. Make it obvious - keep your routine as specific as possible (so you don't need huge motivation to keep it)

  2. Make it attractive / enjoyable - train with a friend, choose fun things.

  3. Make it easy - start with things that don't feel too straining.

  4. Make it satisfying - small goals achieved each session / week and reward yourself after completing a step (no matter how small you may think it is).

"Merry Christmas, enjoy your festive season, make a plan for the new year and as always, we are here to help."

Amanda's Advice

"Christmas is a time for family, fun, food and hopefully some fitness.

"Why not mix all four ingredients together and do something fun, that is active with the family/friends before indulging in some well deserved food! There are so many options here in Picton especially.

"Some suggestions: bike trails, walking tracks, fishing, boating. Perhaps you could try paddle boarding or kayaking. Back yard cricket or touch or even tennis are fun activities that do not require too much planning or equipment.

"Remember to take time out, relax, over indulge and get ready for those New Year's Resolutions....

"We'll be here to get you back on track!"

Alex's & Jess's Advice.

"Christmas is a time we associate with giving. Thanks to marketing and consumerism most of us frantically storm the shops on a mission to purchase physical gifts. Often brand new, likely over our budget and most of them risky, will the person even like it?

"We want to challenge you this Christmas. By all means, continue that tradition of giving but try do it a little differently this year.

🎁 Is there something you can re gift that will be well received?

🎁 Can you purchase your gifts from a second hand store?

🎁 Have you considered making your gift?

🎁 Take them on an experience

🎁 A great idea is purchasing or making consumables (food and drink)

"One year I bought a second had dinning room chair. I sanded it back, painted it and re reupholster it. This was for a friend I knew would appreciate the recycling & love it.

"Jess, one year, bought the family all experiences. Mine was an entry into a triathlon in the town she lived of course. For dad it was a motorcycle hire, which they did together. For the bro, it was a dance lesson with a prestigious coach. These gifts were such a fab idea!"

Chrissy's Advice

Its the Christmas time 🤩, which means holidays and you should enjoy them! It's also a time for family and friends. Get lost in the celebrations but try and stay on track with you health & fitness.

Here are a few tips to help you stay on track:

🏃 Stay active and moving

💧 Drink plenty of water

😴 Prioritise sleep sleep

🍫 Eat plenty of healthy food items and enjoy smaller portions of not so healthy treats

Burpees do plenty of burpees 😂 especially my class peeps 😘

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Dec 23, 2021

Haha Shane! Love the photo my friend! 😃

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