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Ah, the deadlift.

To the untrained eye, the deadlift might look like the most dangerous activity out there. How

can lifting something heavy off the floor that many times not lead to injuries and aches?

The fact is, deadlifts are one of the most natural movement patterns and, when done

correctly, offer numerous benefits.

Here’s why you should do them.

They Train a Range of Muscles

The deadlift is a whole-body movement and does an incredible job of training our entire

posterior chain - hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back, and traps. It also helps

strengthen our grip, as well as develop our arms, shoulders, quads, and core musculature.

Repetition for repetition, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more productive exercise than the


They Make Us Stronger and More Athletic

One of the greatest benefits of the deadlift is that it builds functional strength and makes us

more athletic.

Not only does it make our everyday lives easier, but it also improves sports performance,

makes us faster and more explosive. 

They Improve Our Posture

Thanks to the fact that deadlifts develop our posterior muscles, most folks experience a

drastic improvement in their posture from as little as four to five weeks of regular deadlifting.

This not only builds confidence but also helps prevent injuries and chronic aches in the long


They Burn A Lot Of Calories

Because the deadlift is such a challenging whole-body exercise, it also burns a significant

amount of calories.

This means that you can easily use the deadlift while losing weight. You can even

substitute some of your cardiovascular exercises with deadlifts for the caloric burn, as well as the many other benefits the movement offers.

They Improve Our Grip Strength

Indeed, forcing yourself to hold a heavy barbell in your hands does a great job of

strengthening your grip.

This not only makes you fitter overall but also makes many everyday activities easier to


Plus, grip strength is tightly correlated with good health, vitality, and physical capability, even as we get older.

Want to try deadlifting?

We recommend reaching out to a trainer for some guidance on critiquing your lift. We are here to help so, do not hesitate giving us a call, email or shoulder tap when we are next in the gym to tee up a time.

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