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The answer is simple. If you do not have a skeletal problem, your problem lies in muscle imbalances!

According to, 80% of people will experience lower back pain at some point of their life.

Did you realise that...

- 60% of non-specific lower back pain is solved without medical intervention.

- 60 – 75% of back pain sufferers have recurrences.

Working with professional, competitive, recreational, and young athletes I’ve always come across one or multiple muscle imbalances that stops them from physically performing at their best and or causing discomfort.

Correcting these imbalances has not only made a difference in their sporting achievements but also in their general lives

The human body is a very intelligent organism. It will do whatever it has to, to keep you moving. Through different lifestyles, the muscles in the human body learn to adapt and compensate for those that over time ‘forget/neglect’ to perform their function. These compensations lead to neck pain, shoulder discomfort, upper back pain, lower back pain, hip spasms, hamstring cramps, sciatica, scoliosis, incorrect posture etc.

As a sport scientist and golf-conditioning specialist, I see these imbalances on a daily basis and how it negatively affects athletes, you and me. Re-aligning the skeletal system might be of temporary relief however, incorrect muscle imbalances will over time once again cause misalignment. Through regular corrective exercising, we can target the right areas and muscles involved to alleviate the discomfort.

If you would like to live pain-free, you need to find out what is holding you back. Contact me or one of the Central Fitness Team via our website to learn more about how we can help you manage your pain.

You can flick us an email here

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