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Christine took the time to chat with us and share how being a regular member of a gym, including Central Fitness, has helped her to stay healthy, fit, and happy. There were many things she shared with us but the following comment really stood out to all of us - “I’m really proud that after always having been overweight, I now have a six-pack!”.

Although having a six-pack is super impressive, it was the fact Christine was proud of her achievement and it didn’t matter what anyone else thought. Throughout this article, she shares a little about how she got here. Not only does she share a slice of her history with exercise, but she also talks about the impacts of having a pacemaker and moving to another country. Christine talks about her relationship with food, with Central Fitness, and with her Coach - Hannes. Lastly, she shares some ideas and advice that she hopes may help you.

Christine has always been an active person. Throughout her adolescent years, she played a lot of hockey, representing her school and hometown. She also dabbled in a little social badminton. Knowing how competitive Christine can get, we do wonder how “social” these matches really were.

Her love for hockey continued while at University, however, it wasn't long until her badminton racket was replaced with dumbbells and some of her evenings were spent weight training at the local gym. Weight training became a big part of Christine’s life, that was until she had her first pacemaker fitted in 1998 to control a heart arrhythmia. Although she was back playing hockey after only four weeks she later moved away from her local gym and didn't go back to weight lifting.

Christine moved to New Zealand in 2005 and unsurprisingly continued to live a pretty active lifestyle. New Zealand is beautiful. The scenery and accessibility made it easy to take up road cycling, kayaking, gardening, and continue running. However, it was 22 years before she lifted another weight in the gym. She explained that

”When Central Fitness was opening I got amped about having the chance to lift weights again”.

When we opened Christine was one of our first members and was committed to attending the small group fitness classes. That was until she had time to dedicate to lifting. She admits she was a little apprehensive going back to free weights, but not for the reason you may think. Christine loved weight training so much that she needed to be disciplined and “not become obsessed”. It wasn't long until she was feeling and looking stronger but, despite always being active, she realised something needed to change - her eating habits.

Christine admits that she rarely paid attention to her eating habits but soon realised that she couldn't “out-exercise a bad diet”. She explained that unlike many people she has never found it difficult to make the time to exercise. Making consistently healthier choices in the kitchen, on the other hand, was challenging.

Christine, with the help of a free app, has made small sustainable changes to her nutrition and is feeling far better for it. She is seeing and feeling the benefits and is “convinced that good nutrition combined with resistance training is the best for improving body shape and reducing body fat”.

Christine has made some really fantastic changes to her life. She has re-introduced herself to weights training and is consistently finding ways to improve her relationship with food. We have been open for almost two years and she has been growing and improving alongside us. How does she do it? Her biggest motivator is “seeing how I can build muscle and get stronger”. She explains,

“I’m competing against myself - I want to be the best version of me and know that will only happen with self-discipline and commitment”.

Christine has put a few strategies in place to make time for exercise including, packing her gym bag at the start of the day so after work, she can go to the gym straight away. She explains you have to be organised but, if it means enough to you, you will make it happen, even if it means going in the morning. Consistency is key, you don’t have to work out for long, but doing it regularly is important.

Christine schedules her workouts into her calendar,

“once it is in the calendar then it's happening”.

At this point, you are probably wondering what she does at the gym. We asked her and she said she generally does exercises she loves but seeks some support when wanting to be challenged. She trains with Coach Hannes most weeks. She appreciates the detail and

“trusts the plans he writes, as they are individualised for me and based on his assessment of my strengths, weaknesses, and goals”.

Christine is always asking questions and learning. She has a balance between programs Hannes has written and ones she has written herself.

Christine has had her share of hurdles, including pacemakers and moving countries (let alone gyms). She recognises that everyone has their challenges and setbacks but encourages you to not let that stop you. She has taken control of her health and fitness. She feels the strongest, fittest, and healthiest she has ever felt and she is proud of what she has accomplished.

We love seeing Christine’s progress, she is confident, in control, and has direction. You can see that it is now just an enjoyable part of her life. Every time she walks through the door she is smiling and just happy to be here. This is truly heartwarming for us. At 50 years old, Christine is able to achieve more in life, not less and that is because she has made herself and her health and fitness a priority.

Do you care enough about yourself and the people around you to be the best version of yourself?

If you are interested in getting a personalised program of finding out how else the team at Central Fitness can help you, flick us an email to

We asked Christine if she had any advice for you and this is what she had to say…

“Start with two 30 minute visits a week for four weeks, put them in your calendar, and set the reminder. Get a plan written for these short sharp workouts so you know exactly what you’ll do when you get there. It's also worth noting when you are there, everyone is friendly, I say hello to everyone and there has never been an unfriendly response.”

Her biggest piece of advice and one that we couldn't agree with more…

“Don't rely on someone else going with you, it's too easy if they say no for you not to go too. Just go because it is important to look after you”.

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