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Kaikōura Gym Transformation

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Owners Jonny and Alex

Kaikoura Community Gym was a community-owned gem, weathering through earthquakes and pandemics, the gym's survival was a testament to the community's resilience. New equipment was a luxury when keeping the doors open was priority. When we stumbled on Kaikoura's community gym we knew we could turn it into something special if given the chance. We were lucky enough to be entrusted with this opportunity.

In this short but sweet write up we reflect on how much has been achieved since taking over less than two years ago and how the community helped make it happen.

We are so proud of this lifting area

The Handover

When we first experienced Kaikoura’s Community Gym, as two curious gym goers just passing through in need for a casual gym session, we saw so much potential and immediately couldn’t help but see how we could transform it. After a number of conversations with the committee and the approval from its members we took over the reins in December 2021. A responsibility we didn't take lightly. We had a vision and over the past two years, that vision has come to fruition. We have implemented a face lift including new equipment, shiny treadmills, weight plates that brighten the room, lifting racks versatile enough that keep the most picky lifter happy, fresh carpets and flooring, and Oh, let's not forget the paint on the walls and the new reception which makes the place vibrant and welcoming!

Goodbye dingy room and hello to a welcoming reception area

It Takes a Village

With big ideas and a small budget, it definitely still was a community project. One of the reasons we wanted to bring a Central Fitness to Kaikoura was because of the people. And boy did they deliver. It wouldn’t have been as smooth sailing without our fantastic neighbors. To Hammer Hardware for letting us constantly borrow the trolley jack and for helping us every time we needed a forklift. You guys rock. To Smith City, Hunting & Fishing and New World for letting us borrow trolleys, tools and bits and pieces and putting up with our mess. To The Stockroom, for having every nik-nak we needed and for the encouraging chats. We borrowed tools off members and were constantly asking for help to shift equipment around. So a big shout out to the crew that made it all happen. Thank you all! You rock! - you were the real MVPs. You took our crazy ideas and helped turn them into reality.

Making room for new gear

Thank you so much

To our members and the community. The support and trust, the conversations and your belief in our vision. Your input and advice and patience and ongoing support. You have continued to show up in force to enjoy not just a physical transformation, but a symbol of our shared commitment to health and well-being. We love seeing the same faces that we met when we first arrived on scene. It’s so reassuring knowing that what we have done is ticking the boxes. And Meeting people for the first time who are new to gyms in general, we hope you feel at home with all of us.

What a glow up!

What Next?

Central Fitness Kaikoura is just getting started. We've got plans, and while it may not happen overnight, we're committed to chipping away to make this space even better.

The gym's revamp is more than just a facelift. It's a testament to community spirit, building connections, and improving the health of the community one person at a time. We're here to help you along your fitness journey and hopefully you enjoy the space while you do it.

We invite you to come and check this new space out for yourself. You can enquire about a trial here or purchase a casual, week or longer term membership by visiting our website here.

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A more vibrant place now, 🌿

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