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Rolling out the Kinks

Last week we were lucky enough to have Beth and Ashleigh from Cromwell Chiropractic join us in the studio to discuss the benefits of self massage and the use of foam rollers. Self- Myofascial release is the "scientific term" used to describe the process of using self-massage to release muscle tightness.

Beth and Ashleigh shared some insight on how foam rollers, when used correctly are a reliable and effective tool to assist with the massaging process. They shared with us some exercises that can be performed before or after a workout session to help release muscle tension, improve blood flow, lymphatic circulation and help flexibility.

Elle, a member here at Central Fitness gym demonstrates the thoracic roll. This movement on the rollers is best for upper back mobility and helps tackle those painful areas anywhere from your neck down to your lumbar region.

The position that I am demonstrating on the roller targets your iliotibial band (IT band). The IT band runs down the outside of your thigh, it attaches your hip muscles to the top of your tibia and functions as an abductor, medial rotator and flexor of the thigh. As a runner I am constantly using my IT band to maintain my running stride and therefore its prone to overuse. using the foam roller massaged through this area, you will notice that I am not looking at the camera, this is because I am pretending it does not hurt.

My experience with foam rollers is similar to my experience with deep tissue massage and sports massage; it’s painful and anything but relaxing but I walk away feeling less tense and I feel longer. I can understand that the thought of using a foam roller can be daunting because you are likely to feel some sort of discomfort, and depending on the level of stiffness in your muscles this discomfort could be rather painful but if used regularly foam rollers will help speed up muscle recovery, reduce muscle soreness and increase range of motion.

We now have some of our very own foam rollers available for use upstairs in our studio but if you want to win your very own one for home we have one up for grabs. To help spread breast cancer awareness month, Beth has a pink foam roller to give away. All you have to do is like both Central Fitness Cromwell and Cromwell Chiropractic and then share this blog post on facebook.

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