We want you to like your new gym. So make sure you try before you buy.

About Us.

First and foremost, we have an epic gym space to train in. Bringing big city facilities to your small town.

We also put a real emphasis on education. We believe in the value of lifelong learning. 

We aim to expand on your goals through our Block Course System and broaden your understanding and encourage personal development.


You’ll find our epic gyms in Cromwell, Temuka, and Picton.

About us Central Fitness Gym

Our Block Courses

Block Courses Central Fitness Gym

We've developed a step by step system to take you from a gym first-timer who is unsure of what to do, to a gym guru.

Start with the first course (How to Gym) and progress your way through each until you have the skills you need to take control of your own health and fitness.


Alternatively, you can jump in on a course to pick up a few new skills or fine-tune the ones you already have.

Currently available in our Cromwell and Picton Gyms.

Our Classes

Classes are FREE with your membership.

It's great to turn up without having to think. You'll get taught the correct techniques and you'll get fit and strong along the way.

Come and join the fun!

All classes run for 45 minutes and are free with your membership.
Or just $10 to drop in.

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A mix of resistance, bodyweight & interval training to increase your heart rate, and your confidence. We'll have you finishing the workout with a smile on your face. 

Perfect if: 

- You are new to the gym.  

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Challenge yourself with more complex functional movements. Build strength, stamina and skills while having fun along the way.

Perfect if: 

- You enjoy a challenge. 


Personal Training Options

We have experienced trainers at Central Fitness so you get the results you want.


For that extra push, motivation and accountability, and for the knowledge in the skills you want to learn. You’ll achieve it with trainers who are focused on you.


Talk to one of our Trainers today about personal training or programming options to help you reach your goals.

Personal Training Central Fitness Gym


"Central Fitness is a pretty cool gym. They have a great weights area and heaps of equipment. It was a great place to meet people when I was new to town as well!"

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Our Membership Options


We have a range of gym membership options to suit your lifestyle. From no contract options to cheaper long term memberships. We will have something that will suit. 

And quite simply, the longer you sign up for the better the deal is.

You'll get bang for your buck at Central Fitness:

  • Classes are included.

  • Cheap sign-up fee.

  • Free Starter Program and Program walkthrough.

  • Ongoing support.


We also have weekly and drop-in/casual rates available.

Here are a few of the most popular membership options. You can sign up online right here or get in touch if you are a student, senior, or part of an emergency volunteer service.

We want you to like your new gym. So make sure you try before you buy.



Click the link then fill out the short form to claim your free trial.



We'll give you a call as soon as possible to book a time to meet, show you around, & take you through a gym induction.



On your first visit, we’ll get you comfortable within the gym & set you up with an access key to make sure your trial goes smoothly.


Fill out our quick 2-minute questionnaire and we'll help you make the best decision!

Still here? Check out our Gym Features.

yoga Central Fitness Gym
Stretching & functional training areas.
bathrooms and showers central fitness gym
Great shower & bathroom facilities.
24-7 central fitness gym
Access 24 hours
7 days a week.
Close to cafes central fitness gym
Close to cafes & shopping amenities.
huge range of equipment central fitness gym
Enjoy a huge range of equipment.
Lots of parking central fitness gym
Lots of parking is available close by.


Each gym has its own unique features but they all feel like the Central Fitness you know.

You'll be surprised at what we bring to your small town.

Check out what our gyms look like.