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Here at Central Fitness, we put a real emphasis on education. We believe in the value of lifelong learning, showing and providing you with the tools needed to live a long, healthy life.
We aim to expand on your goals, broadening your understanding and encouraging personal development in your day-to-day life, as well as out in the wider community.

We have 3 gyms located in Cromwell, Picton & Temuka!

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Our Values


~Be nice~

A simple kind gesture can make a world of difference. It's easy to be nice, so be nice all the time. Be nice to yourself, your inner circle, your wider circle, and your professional circle. We choose to lead by example, it's easy to be nice. 


Be happy, enthusiastic, and encouraging. Listen, high 5, wave, smile, be courteous, be genuine, and be honest.

“Be kind”



Seeking self-improvement leads to growth in all areas of life.

We believe it's essential to seek conversation and experiences where we can learn, listen, and gain insight. Everyone we meet has the potential to teach us something new. We believe that everything we do is an opportunity to learn. 

 We seek education, are curious, enjoy learning, and value self-improvement. 

“Learn shit and apply it”

P.S read more books.



 Be honest with yourself first. Without that, you ain’t honest.


Respect, integrity, transparency, trustworthiness, professionalism, friendship.

“Don’t be a dick”


~How can we Help?~ 

You come first. We want you to succeed. 

We want every single one of you to walk away feeling good about yourselves! In whatever form that comes in.

So how can we help you?


We focus on community, enthusiasm, and inclusion. We listen, encourage, participate, and support. 

“You all good?”



"Central Fitness is not just a gym, it's a family. Great way to meet people when moving to a new town, plus it's full of great equipment and offer fantastic classes"