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WIN $500


How does it work?

Over the 8 weeks, we will help you transform your mind and body! 

You will eat, sleep, and workout with the support of our team and your fellow challenge tribe. 


Week 1: Meet the Central Fitness crew and your competition but also your tribe. Book in for your "weigh-in" which will be saved as your before data. 


Weeks 2-7: Take advantage of our small group fitness classes, personal training options, quality gym equipment, online resources, weekly personal check in’s,  exclusive workshops (including nutrition, healthy habits, & mobility & injury prevention), and the weekly fitness class designed just for you and your challenge tribe. 


Week 8: Book in your final "weigh-in" which will highlight all your progress & body transformation. Your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass percentage will be compared to week 1 and used to help determine the winner!

How much does it cost? 

There are two options 

Option 1: $249 

Option 2: $299 (includes a 12-week holistic eating plan)

When does it start? 

The next B.T.C date varies depending on the facility.

Contact the Central Fitness facility near you to find out more! 



Throughout the duration of the challenge, you will learn how to look after yourself. Free access to these valuable workshops where you'll gain knowledge, tips, tricks, resources & professional support. 

1. Healthy Habits 

2. Nutrition 

3. Mobility and Injury Prevention 

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Celebration & the $500 cash prize winner! 

At the end of the 8-weeks, we will celebrate everyone’s progress, whether it is big or small! We will dress in our finest and celebrate over dinner together (BYO wallet). The $500 cash prize winner will be announced at dinner.

Learn more about the Small Group Fitness Classes HERE 

Want to find out more? Message TemukaPicton or Cromwell directly. 




"Fantastic time. Great group who love to have a laugh while shedding kg's. Wore some pants to the end of dinner I haven't fit for a few years. So stoked!"

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