Here at Central Fitness, we believe that education is the key to success. T


The definition of success is different for everyone and for this reason we offer interactive workshops. These workshops are designed to provide you with the tools, resources, knowledge, and support you need to help drive your own success. 

We offer workshops for businesses, sports groups, groups of friends and family, gym members, and non-members.  Let us know what you are after and we can work with you to offer workshops or a series of workshops that suit you best. 

Nutrition 101 

Lettuce Wrap - photo by Julia Gray Creative

“I must eat healthily, oh just one bite won’t hurt, you really should not have eaten that, I must run 1000km to burn it off”. Most of us are guilty of beating ourselves up over food but our relationship with food should never be a negative one, after all, we need it to survive. Amy, from Amy’s Fitness and Nutrition, has joined the Central Fitness team as our in house nutrition coach. She is excited to share why you should not fear your fat and how protein will be your bestie during this challenge - and beyond. Answering your burning questions around food will make great discussion points throughout the workshop, so please share your questions anonymously here and Amy will be sure to answer them during the session.

Creating Healthy Habits 

Amy and Alex enjoying a run - photo by Julia Gray Creative

Habits - we all have them. Perhaps turning the kettle on is the first thing you do each morning, maybe you always check the mailbox when you return home from work each day, we hope that you wash your hands after each bathroom visit. These are all habits and they exist because you practiced them consistently.


Habits are formed due to repetitive behaviors. Over time they form neural pathways in the brain. The more often you do something the more ingrained the pathway becomes - until it is normal. 


We are all familiar with habits, however, sticking to them can be challenging. During this workshop, you will break down your goals. You will then learn how to form habits that will get you closer to achieving your goals! There is more to achieving a goal than just “setting the goal & then doing everything you can to achieve it” - this method often leads to burnout, negative self-talk, and ultimately a sense of failure.


We bet you are over this vicious cycle, so get in touch now to find out when the next workshop will be. 

Mobility & Injury Prevention


We all know that working on our mobility and flexibility is important but how often do we actually spend quality time focusing on these things?


Notice that we said “quality” time. Sure you might spend 2 minutes at the end of your workout flopping your limbs around in a half pie effort to stretch. You read somewhere that it was important but all you can think about is the things you could be doing instead. Are we right?


During this workshop, you will learn just how beneficial it is to work on your mobility and how it can help injury prevention. We will also practice some movements you can do at home with a tennis ball, foam roller, yoga mat, resistance band, or even wine bottle. 

Tailored Workshops 

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We know that different groups of people seek support, advice, and knowledge in different areas. This may have a lot to do with your age and stage in life, your hobbies, your goals, the industry you work in, or any other reason.


We can work with you to offer workshops or series of workshops to help cater to your needs, wants, and goals. 

Interested in organising or attending one of our workshops?

Get in touch with the team to learn more about what we offer. 

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