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Many of us already try hard to eat well and exercise – but many still don’t get the results they’re after. There is often a missing link – accountability.

It isn’t rocket science.

Rather than over complicating your nutrition or running more miles, it could be as simple as staying consistent – and accountable. Simply put – accountability is taking responsibility for your actions, with the obligation to report, explain and be responsible for the consequences.

Someone to hold you accountable.

If we have someone – a friend, partner, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer or gym buddy to hold us accountable we are a lot more likely to stick to what we said we were going to do.

Start Small.

It’s far too easy to decide on a Monday we are going to sign up for a marathon, eat only salad and lose 5 kg – only to have given up by Wednesday.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Pick one thing and stick to it

– a walk in the morning

– a new healthy breakfast

– one gym class a week

– or even just drinking more water.

So, if you want to do the exercise, eat the right food and feel great as a result read on…

5 Ways To Keep Yourself Accountable:

1. Book a gym class - if you book in you are far more likely to go.

2. Arrange a walk or run with a friend who you can’t let down

3. Trying to eat better? Get your partner or a friend on board!

4. Write it down – logging your food and movement keeps you accountable to the most important person – yourself!

5. Reward yourself when you succeed! Positive feedback and a reward means we are more likely to repeat the good behaviour again and again.

Can you manage one change this week? Then change one more thing next week? What do you think you could achieve in 52 weeks? Chances are you’ll be a very different person this time next year!

What is your one thing going to be?

Need some help?

- Accountability Coaching is a good way to develop new healthy habits and kick start your journey in health and fitness.

- Tailored Nutrition plans are a great way to wrap your head around healthier food options.

- Our 12-week Body Transformation Nutrition plan is another great option designed to establish positive eating habits and results in only 12 weeks.

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