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Go Mum Go!!

We are almost half way through our first Active Mums 8 week Programme and we thought you might like an update. The programme we are running is called Mums in Motion, it is one of three eight week programmes that has been running in a number of fitness facilities throughout New Zealand and Australia. The programmes are designed to cater for mothers and the specific stages they are at pre and post pregnancy.

Alesha, our Active Mums trainer has been working with a group of beautiful and dedicated mums to get back into shape since bringing some gorgeous babies into the world. These ladies have been working hard strengthening target areas as well as giving their

bodies a great overall workout. At the completion of the programme these ladies will have developed a great foundation to start participating safely and effectively in higher intensity circuit training. This is where they will really flourish with their fitness levels.

The best part about this programme is that you can share your journey with your baby. We take the classes in our private, quiet and safe upstairs studio so you don't have to worry about your babies safety. If you are interested in learning a little bit more about the programmes please visit or pop in and see us!!

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