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It's all about you & your goals!

Get motivated and stay motivated.
Learn, achieve and celebrate success with a small group of like-minded people.

Motivate Me Course

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Your health and fitness is important to you and you want to make it a priority. You say you will start on Monday, and you actually do! 

You stick to your new routine, it gets to Tuesday night and you are feeling really good, you’ve got this. 

Sometimes you make it through a whole week! But most of the time, something interrupts your routine and your good intentions. Those naughty habits creep back. You feel defeated, and although you can always refer back to “starting again on Monday”...

You can’t help but feel a little disappointed. 


Does this sound like you? Maybe not right now, but a you that you are far too familiar with? 


Honestly, don’t even worry, because you are not alone. 


Motivate Me will help you to establish sustainable routines that will last and bring you the feeling of success - finally! You will be motivated and after the course actually know how to stay motivated. 


Invest in yourself - get motivated and stay motivated with Motivate Me. 


The next course starts soon, spaces are limited. 




Learn the process of breaking down expectations and then establishing realistic goals. 

Learn how to successfully implement new behaviours & routines - that will last.

Become confident of your abilities - inside & outside the gym.

Participate in interactive small group workshops - at the gym but also at local coffee shops

Participate in small group fitness classes - designed just for your group

Receive a program of all the fitness classes from the course

Learn to celebrate your successes together - no matter how small

Find out for yourself. 

Price: $189 

Get Motivated & Stay Motivated. 
Spaces are limited. 

Enter your details above for more information. 

Invest in yourself and train with confidence.

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