Meet the Central Fitness team!

We have an amazing team of experienced, passionate, and dedicated professionals that are all here to help you keep healthy, fit, and mentally stronger than ever.


So keep reading and meet the crew that will be giving there everything to keep you healthy and happy!



Owner, Personal Trainer, Small Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Nutrition Coach & Accountability Coach. 

Hey I’m Alexandra Offen (Alex). I live and breathe health and fitness and am a big advocate for creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle. After high school, I went on to Double Major in Physical Education at Otago University. I then spent 1-2 years living in and visiting Australia, Canada, America, and Mexico. I coached internationally and in New Zealand for Regional and National level swimmers.

I then met my fiance Jonny. We decided to embark on a health and fitness journey together. That journey was opening Central Fitness Cromwell back in 2017. With the support of our incredible team, we have created a space and a community we are very proud to be a part of.


We know how important staying healthy, fit, and positive is for our well-being and we love that you have chosen to be a part of it, whether that be in the incredible Central Fitness Facilities across the South Island or with us online.

Coach Jonny


Owner, Personal Trainer & Small Group Fitness Instructor. 

Hi, I'm Jonny Roberts. I call Cromwell home and this is probably because of the friends I have made here.

So why the gym you ask. When I wasn't able to do all the things I loved most, I was at the gym. This place is my happy place.

There is an element of self-improvement about health and fitness that is addictive. This doesn't mean just lift something heavier, but finding out how to do it better. More importantly, this is across all platforms. Mentality, nutrition, movement, attitude, even connecting with people.


This is why it is so important that we stick together, create an online community and fight this fight together.

Coach Hannah


Cromwell Small Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer. 

Hannah here. I'm making a comeback, as are many of you when you walk thru the doors of Central Fitness Cromwell. Long story short; I've had my physical health battle with Thyroid Cancer, I've had 3 children, and am now running a busy household of teenagers & adults. I'm a Personal Trainer, and Pilates, and Aerobics Instructor. Outside of the Health and Fitness industry I have done some corporate work, creative work, mowed lawns, and dabbled in hospitality.

I passionately believe that physical exercise is the ultimate drug for any mental, emotional, or physical challenge placed in one's path. This isn't just about looking good but more importantly feeling good inside. A healthy mind & body is the ultimate goal, but it requires a lot of commitment and consistency. I'm really stoked to be part of such an awesome team of huge knowledge, passion, and drive for health and fitness.”

Coach Amy - Photo by Julia Gray Creative


In House Nutrition Coach

Hey, my name is Amy and I am a certified Nutrition Coach and so passionate about food and how it fuels our bodies.


Our happiness is often intrinsically linked to how we feel about our bodies, our relationship with food, and underlying health issues. Having good information and on-going support is priceless when it comes to making successful, sustainable lifestyle changes. I will help you reach your goals and develop a happy relationship with both your body and food. 

Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated. I will help you build clarity around what you should be eating and help you understand why you make the food choices you do. We will talk about things beyond food and fitness, to help take control of your health and build a lifestyle you'll be proud of.



Cromwell Gym Manager, Personal Trainer & Small Group Fitness Instructor. 


Hi team, my name is Kate and I'm stoked to be joining the Central Fitness family.

After coming home from London earlier in 2020, I've settled once again down south and am now calling Cromwell home.


Having previously completed a Bachelor of Physical Education through Otago University and having now worked in the fitness industry for 5 years, I have always held a real passion for fitness, health and mental wellbeing.


When not in the gym you can find me out exploring our beautiful backyard, playing some sport, going for a walk or taste-testing at the local wineries... It's all about balance right!?


Looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces in the gym and carrying on this journey together!

Coach Hannes


Picton Gym Manager, Personal Trainer & Small Group Fitness Instructor. 

Hi, my name is Hannes - friendly South African and for as long as I can remember I have always been involved in sports. This led me to study and complete my Honours degree in Sports Science.


I've been very fortunate and have worked in the fitness industry for more than 10 years in South Africa and internationally. I have had the privilege of working with many professional athletes across various sporting codes such as running, cycling, javelin, squash, tennis, and golf, as well as training for triathletes and much more.

My specialty and motivation for training revolve around body movement mechanics and injury prevention; getting the body to move more economically. I particularly enjoy and promote mobility and functional training. I’m a huge advocate for a movement, no matter your age or fitness level. I firmly believe a healthy body stimulates a healthy mind. So be healthy, you deserve it!


Some info on the Temuka Team - coming soon!