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An Introduction to the Gym

Learn how to move well and set a solid foundation.
This course is key to help you get the most out of your training. 
Invest in yourself and train with confidence.

How to Gym Course

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Giving people new to the gym the confidence to walk in the door and not be afraid.

You’ll gain the knowledge of basic movement patterns and muscle activation, and learn how to follow a basic program. 

After the completion of this course you’ll be able to walk in the door and know what you need to do in order to achieve your goal. 


The gym will become your bitch.

This course has been designed to teach the fundamentals of movement. You will learn how to incorporate effective exercises into your training regime.


The next course starts soon, spaces are limited. 





Learn to identify when your technique is failing and when you should stop.
Learn to identify what good movement feels like & looks like.
Learn how to recover and take care of your body to decrease the chance of injury.
Learn how to read an exercise program.
Learn how to use online tools to help structure your sessions.
Learn to activate the correct muscles at the correct time.
Learn how to make each rep count.
Build confidence throughout this course.
Meet other like-minded people - soon to become your friends


These are just a handful of the benefits. 

Find out for yourself.

The next 4-week course starts soon. Grab some friends for group discounts
1 person $199 pp
2 people $179 pp
3 people  $159 pp
4 + people $139 pp
Invest in yourself and train with confidence. 
Spaces are limited. 

Enter your details at the top for more information. 

Invest in yourself and train with confidence.

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