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Covid-19 Protection Framework


On December the 2nd at 11.59 pm 2021 the GovernmentsCOVID-19 Protection Framework will take effect. As a country, we will adopt a 3-level "traffic-light" approach to help manage COVID-19. This will involve the use of vaccine certificates.  

There are three sections, Green, Orange and Red. 

  • Green is when there are some COVID-19 cases in the community and sporadic imported cases.

  • At Orange, there will be increasing community transmission that is putting pressure on our health system.

  • At Red, action will need to be taken to protect both at-risk people and protect our health system from an unsustainable number of hospitalisations. 


So, the best-case scenario is that your DHB sector is in Green. 

What will the new COVID-19 Protection Framework mean for Central Fitness?

Let's try and make this as simple as we can. 


The new mandate states that all gym users can access the gym vaccinated or not. A 1m social distancing rule will apply. You will continue to scan the QR code for tracking purposes. It is important that you scan your gym access key at the entrance, even if the door is open/unlocked. 

Orange & Red

The new mandate states that for the gym to remain open, all active members are to be vaccinated and are required to show proof. We will continue to apply the 1m social distancing rule. You will continue to scan the QR code for tracking purposes. It is important that you scan your gym access key at the entrance, even if the door is open/unlocked. 

How can you show you are vaccinated against COVID-19? 

The government has launched “My Vaccine Pass”. This is the official Ministry of Health online system that records your COVID-19 vaccination status. 


Alternatively, you can share your vaccination certificate/card that you would have received when you got your vaccination. 

To comply with the new mandate we are required to have sighted a copy of your Vaccination Certificate/My Vaccine Pass before you can access the gym during Red or Orange. We may ask for your ID to cross-check things. There are 2 options you can use to provide this.

1. In person from now at the gym or

2. Email a copy of your vaccination certificate to your gym (email address can be found at the bottom of this page) 

If you choose to email a copy of your certificate or pass, we will update your vaccination status on our system before deleting the email.  We are required to record the expiry date of your certificate. No other data is kept or stored.

What if I don’t want to be vaccinated? 

If you do not wish to be vaccinated against COVID-19, you can still access the gym in Green level. 

During Red and Orange, we can put your membership on hold. Please contact us directly and we will do this for you.

If you want to cancel your membership as a result of your choice to not be vaccinated against COVID-19, please also flick us an email directly. We will cancel your membership. 

What will Central Fitness do to keep me safe? 

Everything we can. We will put in place extensive processes and protocols to ensure your safety: 

  • Physical distancing of at least 1m 

  • Hand sanitiser stations 

  • Spray bottles & hand towels for cleaning your equipment 

  • Further equipment cleaning by staff

  • Deep cleaning regime 

  • COVID-19 Conditions of Entry to the gym 

  • COVID-19 signage 

  • All staff will be wearing masks during Red level. Staff might opt to wear masks during level Green and Orange.

What you can do to keep your loved ones and community safe. 

  • Keep 1m distancing in the gym and practice good hygiene

  • ​Get tested if you are showing cold or flu symptoms

  • If you are showing cold or flu symptoms avoid coming to the gym

  • Self isolate if you are waiting on results or recovering from Covid-19 

  • If you have been to a place of interest take precautions and get tested

  • If you do contract Covid-19, please isolate and inform us.


  • If you are vaccinated you can use the gym at all levels 

  • If you are unvaccinated you can use the gym at Green level only and put your membership on hold during level Orange and Red - please contact us directly and we can do this.

  • If you are vaccinated please send us proof asap (email or at reception) so we can update your gym profile. This will ensure that you can access the gym at all levels.

  • You will be required to 1m social distance, scan the QR code and your access key.  

  • As of December 3rd, we will be in Orange so vaccination certificates need to be sighted by staff before you can use the gym. 


We understand that Covid 19 and the new mandate is yet another change we are all required to adapt to. Thanks so much for your understanding and patience so far. Please remember that our team is also impacted and are learning this new system along with you and the rest of the country. Be kind to one another. If you have any questions please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss your options and appreciate your support so far. 



Alex, Jonny and the Central Fitness Team 

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