Meet Accountability Coach Alex


Making time declares that YOU matter, but making time is often easier said than done. Creating new habits and implementing them can be challenging.  

People start new routines with the best intent. However, generally, people set too-high standards. This leads to disappointment and often burnout.


I strongly believe that setting realistic expectations and shooting for "good enough, consistently" is a crucial mindset. As an accountability coach, I will work with you to identify realistic and achievable goals, we will break these into skills and practices that over time will become healthy habits! 

6-week Accountability & Fitness Coaching $449


Weekly Nutrition Diary

Initial goals consultation (1 hour)

6-week exercise program

Weekly 1:1 personal training (45-minutes)

Weekly check-ins to discuss progress and make adjustments (30-minutes)

Ongoing text & emails 

Perfect if: 

You are wanting to establish a good fitness routine and need someone to keep you accountable. We will work together to implement healthy and achievable habits to support your goals. 

Note that this service can be done online in collaboration with the trainers available to you. Don't be afraid to get in touch to discuss how I can support you best.